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Destashing, part 1: MAC!

Eye Products:

Eye Kohls:
  • Powersurge $7

  • Eyeshadows:
  • Casa Blanca BNIB $16
  • Mancatcher BNIB $16
  • Naked Lunch BNIB $12
  • Sea Myth BNIB $16

    Eyeliner Mixing Medium, 85% full, $8

    Liquidlast Liner:
  • Blue Herizon, tested 2x, $10
  • Classic Cream, tested 2x, $10

    Softsparkle Eye Pencils:
  • Iris Accents $10
  • Nightsky $10
  • Reflecto $10
  • Ultrachill $10

    Lip Products:

  • Chromaliving (tested 4x) $10
  • Prize Shine (tested 5x) $10
  • Technobeet(tested 2x) $12
  • Uberpeach(tested 5x) $10

  • Lipglass Stain:
  • Electron Pink (at least 2/3 remains, but most likely more) $6

  • Lustreglass:
  • Angelwing (tested 2x) $10

  • Lipglass:
  • Clear (used to mix with pigments, 3/4 remains) $15

  • Lip Pencil:
  • Nightmoth $8

  • Lipstick:
  • Pink Maribu BNIB, $16

    Pro Longwear:
  • Allnighter (tested 1-2x) $15

  • Tinted Lip Conditioner:
  • Aftertan (tested 2x) $10
  • Daisy Daze (usage shown) $8

  • Daisy Daze BNIB $16
  • Pink Pink to Make the Boys Wink (usage shown) $12

  • Miscellaneous:

  • Studio Finish Concealer NW20 (usage shown) $6

  • Pigment Jar Empties (some with residue): $3 each
  • Azreal Blue (LE)
  • Cocomotion (LE)
  • Cool Pink (PRO)
  • Deep Blue Green (PRO)
  • Copperized (LE)
  • Emerald Green (PRO)
  • French Violet (PRO)
  • Jam Session (DC)
  • Primary Yellow (PRO)
  • Quick Frost (LE)
  • Revved-Up (LE)
  • Rose
  • Silver Fog (PRO)
  • Steel Blue (PRO)
  • Teal

  • Skin Care:
  • Fast Response Eye Cream mini (at least 3/4 full) $3
  • Moisture Feed Eye (2/3 full) $6

  • Shipping will be $3, including d/c, to the US and $4 worldwide.

  • greenpony510: Concealer, Cocomotion, Emerald Green, Jam Session, Primary Yellow, Revved-Up, and Silver Fog
  • psychesky: 4 softsparkle pencils
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    Screened comment

    Oh and the studio finish concealer :)
    Added that. Invoice sent!
    Ok I'll be sending payment first thing in the morning (my direct deposit paycheck clears into my account overnight tonight) if that's ok :)
    Sure thing.
    Hey I was just wondering if you've had a chance to ship these items out yet :)
    They are packaged to go out Tuesday. I got rather caught up with working overtime (and am off to another 12 hour shift today). My apologies. I'll be sure that you get some extra goodies for waiting. :)
    No problem... since the package hasn't been shipped, I'm wondering if I might want the eyeliner mixing medium... is that what people use to make glitter stick to the skin?
    It sure is. There are many types of mixing medium. This one is a gel that holds glitter/pigments fast.
    Hi, I'm very concerned that you havent responded to any of my messages in the last few weeks and I wanted to let you know that i'm going to have to file a claim with paypal if I don't hear from you by the end of the day tomorrow.
    Wow, I'm terribly sorry. I will repackage your jars with the mixing medium thrown in for free. I will ship through paypal so you can track your package.


    10 years ago


    10 years ago

    How much would the total be for the following, cc paypal, shipped in the U.S.? Thanks!

    Cool Pink (PRO)
    Emerald Green (PRO)
    Silver Fog (PRO)
    Steel Blue (PRO)
    Silver Fog and Emerald Green were claimed above, so $12.50 shipped.
    If you are still interested, please let me know where to invoice and I will get that out to you.